Monday, 23 August 2010

Project 1001

I have decided that due to being ill, I am going to write a list of things and make it my goal to complete every one of them in 1001 days. Every time I complete one of them I will make a blogpost along with a picture, and i'll build this list up gradually!

My goals:

1. Fly to Northern Ireland to see Hannah again
2. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
3. Read 1 book a month for 10 months
4. Identify 50 things that make me happy
5. Reflect daily in a 1 sentence diary for 6 months
6. Go barefoot for a day
7. Write a letter to someone I admire telling them why, be it a friend or someone famous
8. Make another photo collage for my wall
9. Don't drink coke or any other fizzy drinks of that sort (apart from flavoured water) for a month
10. Get 50 followers overall on this blog and my other blog []
11. Make someone happy
12. Bake a pie from scratch
13. Go blackberry picking
14. Knit something
15. Don't log into facebook or ayme for a week
16. Finish this list
17. Post a nice letter through a random person's door
18. Make a quote book
19. Say no to something i can't/don't want to do
20. Memorize the Jabberwocky
21. Do something to make my Mum proud and happy
22. Finish a sewing project
23. Learn to meditate
24. Paint wheelchair
25. Decorate a gingerbread man/house
26. Write a blog entry in French, using only a dictionary
27. Upload a video onto youtube
28. Learn to say I love you in 20 different languages
29. Be nice to everyone for a day
30. Have a 'no electricity' hour
31. Eat breakfast for tea
32. Make Pippa more comfortable + tame
33. Go to the theatre
34. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
35. Grow long long hair ~ down to the waste kinda long hair
36. Paint a picture
37. Go to the woods dressed as a fairy
38. Give the postman some cookies as a thankyou
39. Read a Dalai Lama book, and take the advice
40. Eat 5 things i've never tried before



  1. Rosie, I love this! Apart from number 15 ;) It's a lovely idea, I'm thinking of doing the 43 things at some point but I need to think of more things that I can do at the moment - although I'm sure cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End is a perfectly reasonable task to set myself :P x

  2. These are brilliant, I'm thinking of doing something similar myself, meditation=whether my day goes completely wrong!learning it for me was a saver

  3. aha this is like a blog version of my wall list thing I'm planning ;) ily