Wednesday, 28 September 2011

15. Don't log into facebook or ayme for a week

Seeing as I left AYME a few months ago I haven't logged on :P Not so sure about facebook yet though...!

23. Learn to meditate


and it's wonderful

36. Paint a picture

My abstract art expressionism canvas, based on things in my life and my spirituality :)
Mallah beads, the dalai llama, incense cones, chakra, glitter, chakra colours

31. Eat breakfast for tea

I ate these for tea the other day with 2 slices of warmed up tiger bread :) nomnomnomnom

29. Be nice to everyone for a day

While thinking about this, I realised that I do it quite regularly nowadays :)

27. Upload a video onto youtube

This video made it into the M.E.N news and was taken by me on I love MCR day in.. Manchester (believe it or not) :)

26. Write a blog entry in French, using only a dictionary